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Mono-Blcok HFG

  • Mono-Blcok HFG
  • Mono-Blcok HFG
  • Mono-Blcok HFG

HFG Generator Monoblock

EMB-F1600 (90kV/30mA)1.6KW

  • X-ray generators (high voltage transformers) production for X-ray equipment manufacturers with ECOTRON trademark or in O.E.M. The company H.V. generators are generally used in radiography, fluoroscopy, BMD,and mammography units.
    High frequency X-ray generators production dedicated to x-ray equipment manufacturers with ECOTRON. trademark, or in O.E.M. ECOTRON monoblocks perform 40 KHz and 100 KHz with stationary or rotating anode. Both fluoroscopy and radiography available.
Output Power 1.6kW
Input Power Voltage 100V-120V / 220V-240V
Phase & Frequency Single / 50 / 60 Hz
Radiography kV Range 40kV ~ 90kV
mAs Range 0.4mAs - 32mAs
mA Range 12~30mA
Max.kV Deviation 5%
Max.mAs Deviation 3%
X-ray Tube Focal Spot 1.2mm
Target Angle 19
Anode Heat Storage 10 kHU