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Mono-Blcok HFG

  • EMB-F2400
  • EMB-F2400 2
  • EMB-F2400 3

EMB-F2400 (100kV/40mA)2.4KW

  • X-ray generators (high voltage transformers) production for X-ray equipment manufacturers with ECOTRON trademark or in O.E.M. The company H.V. generators are generally used in radiography, fluoroscopy, BMD,and mammography units.
    High frequency X-ray generators production dedicated to x-ray equipment manufacturers with ECOTRON. trademark, or in O.E.M. ECOTRON monoblocks perform 40 KHz and 100 KHz with stationary or rotating anode. Both fluoroscopy and radiography available.

X-ray equipment manufacturers

Output Power 2.4kW
Input Power Voltage 100V-120V / 220V-240V
Phase & Frequency Single / 50 / 60 Hz
Radiography kV Range 40kV ~ 100kV
mAs Range 0.4mAs - 100mAs
mA Range 16~40mA
Max.kV Deviation 5%
Max.mAs Deviation 3%
X-ray Tube Focal Spot 1.2mmx1.2mm
Target Angle 16
Anode Heat Storage 50 kHU